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Recognising the vast business opportunities on the global emerging markets, and especially in Asia and Africa, Andersen Consult serves as a gateway for Danish entrepreneurs seeking to establish successful and lasting businesses in these frontier markets. Since 2002, we have assumed a dual mandate of using business-to-business cooperation to spur economic development in our project countries and helping advance globalisation objectives of our clients.


Andersen in a
Globalised Business World

The Andersen Consult mission is about internationalisation and reaching global business opportunities for our clients with a particular focus on emerging markets. Since 2002, we have developed concentrated business experience on a long list of markets. Experience which is offered as a direct market gateway to our clients. We emphasize a hands-on approach to the development of profitable business opportunities on our target markets.




New business network to help Danish companies navigate Southeast Asian markets

Danish-Asian SME Network


Eksportgruppe; fokus på vækst i Asien

Ny eksportgruppe m. fokus de mange vækstmuligheder i den asiatiske region.


Sommerhilsen fra Andersen Consult

Industrien står over for mange overvejelser i den kommende tid og Andersen Consult glæder sig til at understøtte processen. Vi ønsker alle en rigtig god sommer.

“Being a first time visitor to the Philippines, I was very impressed by the local interest in the Danish companies and the many valuable relations built during the week. There is definitely a wide scope of business for Dan Marin. The delegation programme made by the organisers was impressive. We look forward to growing our business together with the Andersen Consult team.”

Vidhya Banerjee - Sales Manager - Danmarin A/S


“Working in Asia has been a tremendously positive experience. The economy in the region is developing very nicely and the populations are interested in new and refined European food products. I am definitely focusing our company’s market attention to this area much more in future. We have worked with Andersen Consult all along and can warmly recommend other companies to seek cooperation with them. What they say is what they deliver.”

Jesper Kold Sørensen - Partner & CEO - Amanda Seafood


“The delegation provided us with a good introduction to the Kenyan market. We used the delegation as a stepping-stone to setup a partnership project with a local company.”

Norman Kristiansen - Owner - Guardian


“I can say it bluntly: Without the participation in our Andersen Consult EAFC network, we would not have reached the commercial milestones, we have reached. I can only say, get involved and get going. That’s all.”

Niels Kronborg Nielsen - Partner & Director - KM Fish Machinery


“The cluster approach certainly has a large potential on emerging markets regarding our line of business. Throughout the process, Andersen Consult has done a good job implementing a business-orientated approach to all the cluster activities.”

René Meyer Johannsen - CEO - SAC


“I have worked with Andersen Consult since 2005 and with insight in local business culture and thoroughness, we greatly benefitted in our project and joint venture development activities in Bangladesh from this cooperation. Also, when things are not exactly moving as expected, they are there to give the right push.”

Michael Cold - Owner - Cold Legeredskaber


“We do have business activities in Asia, however, we could see good benefit from working with Andersen Consult and accessing their vast network in the region. Normally we take action on our own, however, this new method proved very successful and it will not the last time we work together.”

Partner and Purchase Director


“We were in a situation where we needed an advisor to assist us in Dhaka. Andersen Consult was in town and put everything aside to manage our challenges. I was very satisfied with their flexibility and the results. Later, Andersen Consult identified opportunities for us in Indonesia and this has really been a breakthrough for our company”. They come highly recommended from me.”

Martin Longhi - Owner - Smoke Solution


“I have worked with Andersen Consult for many years and we have together build both a strong business relation and a friendship. I can always get in touch with Andersen Consult wherever and whenever, this is important to me.”

An Phuoc Tram - Owner - Aabybro Guld & Sølv


“Knowing how big a problem flooding is becoming in Asia, we decided to work with Andersen Consult to identify the right markets for a start entry. We have now engaged fully with Andersen Consult to direct the distribution of our flood barrier products on a number of Asian markets and things are looking quite exciting. With a wide network in Asia, Andersen Consult can bring us quicker solutions than we could ourselves. ”

Michael Cold - Partner - Cold Flood Prevention


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