Andersen Consult Newsletter August 2014

Dear All,

After simply a fantastic summer in Denmark, the engines are now back at full speed. At Andersen Consult we have conducted four delegations within the first six months of 2014, company record. In January, we went with our entrepreneur network to Indonesia to look at business opportunities and have meetings with the Danish Embassy staff, local entrepreneurs and the bustling business life in and around Jakarta. Later in January, jointly with Regional Business Incubator Centre Mid Jutland (Væksthus Midtjylland) and Honorary Consul Stig Vagt-Andersen, East Thailand, we conducted our Dairy Technology delegation to Thailand to visit a dairy industry in great need of Danish cooperation. During May, in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Dhaka and its DBP Programme team, we supported the organization and implementation of the Green Growth delegation 2014 with 20 Danish companies, the largest DBP delegation in the country. In June, we supported the Danish Embassy in Jakarta and its DBP Programme with the development of its Food & Agro Delegation 2014 Indonesia. In between the delegations, we have supported entrepreneurs all over Denmark with their individual project development activities. The first six months of 2014 have truly been busy and exiting. We are now greatly involved in follow-up activities for the companies interested in engaging into business activities in Asia.

The main message for 2014, so far, is the fact that development and commercial issues go perfect hand in hand to create a long range of sustainable development projects. Knowledge and technology is being transferred from Denmark to many new economies in a win-win framework. The local markets get access to valuable technologies and training. The Danish entrepreneurs are greatly assisted to strengthen their companies by accessing widely potential markets where we as Danes have the opportunity to become market leading together with our local partners. As with projects everywhere, planning, execution, management and monitoring is always high on the agenda when working with Andersen Consult, and we are looking forward to be contributing positively to our clients’ on-going and new business partnership projects.

From Andersen Consult we wish you a successful second half of 2014.

Lars Siggaard Andersen

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