Andersen Consult Newsletter October 2014

Dear All,

The last quarter of the year is traditionally busy in the project development consulting business. And, there is no difference in this situation in 2014. Based on a series of successful project development approaches in the first months of the year, we have been busy transforming good ideas into real business projects around Asia and in Africa. Especially in the fields of fishing equipment, food processing, energy and environment related projects and also more general and traditional industry projects, the opportunities are both positive and real. For companies considering getting involved in some of the world’s most economically active markets, it is definitely a good time to take that decision.

In Asia, the ASEAN countries are rapidly approaching the start of their economic cooperation commencing 2015. In Africa, the markets are moving faster and faster and it is absolutely necessary to take most of the countries on this continent very seriously commercially. Not surprisingly, these newer markets represent a level of activity which we have not seen in the EU for many years. The ASEAN is building up their societies and we need to strengthen our involvement either by increasing exports or mixing it by setting up a permanent business model in an area where growth rates rarely are as low as 5% annually. A combination of export to the general regional markets supported by choosing a single strategic market for continuous representation and involvement year round is a healthy business model for most Danish companies.

The products, services and ingenuity which characterise the Danish way of doing things is exactly what is required in Asia and in Africa now. We have all the solutions and know how they need. We have to increase our presence in those markets and let the populations get access to our technologies and ideas - also if those should require adaptation to local requirements. There is a huge difference to be the first netloft in Indonesia producing quality trawls with ability to reduce time at sea with up to 80%, drastically cut back on fuel consumption and protecting the seabed in Indonesian waters as compared to have to supply a shrinking fleet in Danish waters in a harsh competitive market.

In Asia and Africa, you name it – they need it. Let’s work together to identify the right market and the right business model and strengthen the transfer of Danish technology and entrepreneurship. You got the technology, they got the market, let’s get going.

I wish you all a successful last quarter 2014.
Lars Siggaard Andersen

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