Andersen Consult Brings Entrepreneurial Success to Asia

Article brought by The South Morning Post on November 20, 2014.

Recognising the vast investment opportunities in the growth economies of Asia and Africa, Andersen Consult serves as a gateway for Danish entrepreneurs seeking to establish successful and lasting businesses in these frontier markets. Since 2002, the management consultancy firm has assumed a dual mandate of using business co-operation to spur economic and social development in its project countries and helping advance globalisation objectives of Danish companies.

"We strive to pass on Danish entrepreneurial success to places where this can transform local conditions for the better and play a role in building societies there," says CEO Lars Siggaard Andersen. "We are now gearing up to connect with entrepreneurs in the Asean wishing to co-operate with our vast pool of excellent Danish entrepreneurs with an East-towards-West approach."
Leveraging the strength of two active entrepreneur networks and its deep local expertise, Andersen Consult helps clients effectively navigate the risk-opportunity tightrope in emerging markets. Its range of advisory services covers strategy development, multicultural negotiations, project management and implementation, and financial management. Andersen Consult also provides financial support through its strong ties with the Danish Trade Council, regional business incubator centres and government programmes such as Danida, Nordic Project Fund and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries.

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