Danida Business Delegation to Bangladesh

The Danish Embassy in Dhaka and Andersen Consult organise a business delegation in "Renewable Energy, Energy- and Water Efficiency in the Textile/Garment Industry" to Bangladesh. The delegation is supported by Danida financing up to 75% of the programme and travel costs. During the delegation, Andersen Consult will present the participants a solid program of activities and a strong lineup of local companies to interact and engage with. The agenda is to pursue a strong and profitable encounter with relevant local companies, and ultimately present a selection of valid projects to the participating delegates. The delegation is a unique opportunity to identify business opportunities and to explore the market.

See the invitation HERE

During the trip Andersen Consult has planned several go'n'see tours to various local companies, but the Danish participants are also allowed to give some suggestions on which companies they would like to visit.

Why Bangladesh?
· Annual growth of app. 7% (2016)
· The world's 2nd largest textile and garment industry
· 160+ million inhabitants
· Large unexploited economic potential.

As a participant on the delegation you receive a B2B-programme incl.:
· Briefing about the sector and the country
· Meeting programme with focus on fact-finding activities and meeting local business people
· Identification of business opportunities for your company
· Networking with local companies and relevant public agencies

Estimated cost of participation after grants approval by Danida: DKK 12.900°°.
· Incl. airplane ticket, hotel, local transportation, meeting facilities, development of the meeting programme and involvement of the Embassy and Andersen Consult.

Support after the delegation
· Subsequently it will be possible to approach the organisers as well as agencies such as EKF and IFU to support the continued business development approach.

Contact us for more information
Lars Andersen
T: (+45) 25 37 55 54

Mads Riis
T: (+45) 61 60 74 45

°°Price changes may occur. Cost of participation is based on 15 participating companies.




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