The Andersen Network Approach

We are a team. Our Business Networking approach is to quality assure your initiatives and provide you with access to likeminded entrepreneurs and business leaders. All resulting in building mutually beneficial relationships. Andersen Consult Network focuses on business expansion in an experienced and business maturing environment.

Our approach to networking is much more than showing up, shaking hands and collecting cards. Andersen Consult Network enables our members to develop lasting relationships with business professionals who are equally involved in international business development activities. In our networks, we are a team. We share ideas, contacts, business references and we manage business projects jointly. Being a member of Andersen Consult Network means that you have commercial ambassadors representing your business in various international markets every day. Join us to participate in the next network discovery tour and move your business.

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Our Asia and Africa Networks

Our Asia and Africa networks strive to constantly build up a strong entrepreneur platform for company owners and managers to engage in strategic business development processes jointly. The network is a platform from which to receive and provide top motivated advice from experienced fellow entrepreneurs who are either deeply involved in their individual business project or in the process of launching a new project. The network is the best advisory service individual entrepreneurs and companies can obtain in their invest in emerging markets activities - it is unbiased and secures all network participants with success, benefitting all.

How it Works

The method of participation is based on 3 – 5 yearly network meetings at members’ company base in Denmark with special focus on network evaluation of individual projects, analysing strengths and weaknesses. The process provides an engaged and in-depth discussion of any project, utilising the entire network’s experience and insight. Results are obvious; we quality assure project ideas and on-going projects and direct you to the next business opportunity. The network is everyone's business ambassador.

Each year, we plan a study tour to selected network members project destination to look into how projects are being implemented in real life and how all can be strengthened in their individual project activities. We meet with local, successful entrepreneurs, embassies and key resource persons to constantly optimise our network platform with new ideas, new contacts and new opportunities.


“I can say it bluntly: Without the participation in our Andersen Consult EAFC network, we would not have reached the commercial milestones, we have reached. I can only say, get involved and get going. That’s all.”

Niels Kronborg Nielsen - Partner & Director - KM Fish Machinery



“Asia is based on networking. If you want to succeed here, you need to acknowledge this fact. Everything is decided based on network and this is why it is so important to get involved in the Andersen Consult EAFC network. Especially as a newcomer you are greatly benefitted from involvement in a friendly environment. You need the network to succeed and the network needs your success to develop. ”

Preben Hjortlund - CEO - Hanoi International Technology Centre



“We have in TRECO had a tremendously exciting time in Asia and much has been going on, set in motion, changed and so on. The possibility to share and discuss all these issues in confidence with equally minded business people is very valuable. You give and take in a healthy network such as ours. At the same time, the network acts as each other’s business scouts always on the look out for the next exciting business project for our network friends. ”

Allan Prang - Partner & CEO - Topsteel Ltd.



“We are based in central Copenhagen and is supplying to larger projects here on Zealand. The possibility of supplying to foreign markets is interesting and the method proposed by Andersen Consult is the right one for us. At the same time we are getting involved with a large number of existing members with a great insight into various Asian and African markets. This has a big value for us without prior experience. Apart from this, the fact that we mix business people from all parts of Denmark provide for a strong network with high social values. We are in for the long run.”

Morten Villingshøj - Partner & CEO - Villingshøj & Messerschmidt


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