The Andersen Cluster Approach

Clusters provide a beneficial business environment for companies, especially SMEs, to collaborate and compete in emerging markets. Clustering is a strong way for SMEs to profit from some of the economies of scale usually reserved for larger companies or to manage turnkey projects as one supplier. The Andersen Consult Clusters are working on maximising the ability of Danish companies to combine their efforts in taking their world-class products and services to global markets.

Andersen Consult Clusters is targeted at Danish companies who are prepared to work collaboratively to gain access to new export markets and international projects. By working together within an industry cluster, individual companies can present a much stronger value proposition in a highly competitive international marketplace than they may be able to achieve individually. Andersen Consult helps you form a cluster and team up for higher competitiveness on the global markets. We provide business-planning focusing on overcoming barriers to market entry and identifying international projects for the cluster to engage in.

Round Up Your Allies

Clustering is a team activity, not a solo effort. The emerging markets are looking abroad for quality solutions, flexibility and innovation. Combining technologies and capabilities sends a strong message to markets in positive development. For SMEs, the cluster approach is a tool to enter and manage emerging markets where the need for one-stop-shop is key to success. Coordination of multitask jobs involving several Danish suppliers is a perfect cluster approach.

For Danish SMEs with a wish to increase their export orientation and be part of establishing long term business relationships, the cluster approach is a secure and professional method to utilise. The cluster will present to the market a full solution. To the cluster itself, the members have a strong and experienced group to jointly manage any challenge whether technical, financial or otherwise.

Driving The Cluster Forward

What works for one cluster may not work for another; each cluster will have its own strengths and opportunities. The cluster development process needs to be fine-tuned for each group. Andersen Consult assists the cluster in developing a broader, long-term agenda and to identify the short-term actions that will start moving the cluster towards engaging in joint international business projects.

Our cluster approach focuses on being action orientated holding the commitment of the cluster members through generating early benefits and profits. We define the expected results, identify market and project opportunities and organize the cluster’s specialized skills and technology needed to drive particular projects.


“The cluster approach certainly has a large potential on emerging markets regarding our line of business. Throughout the process, Andersen Consult has done a good job implementing a business-orientated approach to all the cluster activities.”

René Meyer Johannsen - CEO - SAC



“Andersen Consult's experience with the cluster-approach has been very beneficial for us. The process has been professional and action-orientated constantly identifying new business opportunities for the cluster to engage in.”

Kasper Byskov - Owner - TSR Elektronik



“The cluster-approach has been crucial to our success in Bangladesh. By combining our capabilities and technologies, we have approached the market as a one-stop-shop reducing the complexity and improving the quality.”

Ivan Madsen - Director - Kølemadsen


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