The Andersen Financing Approach

When you decide to engage in international business development, usually there will be a period where you invest a lot of time, effort and financial resources before you start making a profit. Moreover, your project may require assets such as buildings, machinery, land and working capital. Andersen Consult specialises in obtaining financing for all aspects of international business development projects. We act as your commercial capital consultant identifying your capital need, developing the right structure for your business model and securing the funds.

There are many different opportunities for financing regarding international business development, all aiming to advance international business cooperations. Andersen Consult cooperates with leading funding agencies as well as EU and Government programmes designed to support growth oriented internationalisation processes among enterprises. The programmes provide grants, loans, equity shareholding capital or other financial assistance to help take your company to the next level in international business.

We Cooperate with Leading Agencies

Danida Business encourages Danish companies to engage in commercially oriented development projects by starting up a business activity in a developing country. To mitigate some of the risks related to the pursuit of new business opportunities in emerging economies, Danida Business provides financial support focusing on training and technology transfer.

Equity Shareholding and Loans

IFU provides risk capital to Danish companies wishing to set up operations in developing countries. IFU invests on a commercial basis by committing equity capital and by providing loans or guarantees to project companies established by Danish and local companies.

Export Financing for Foreign Buyers

As Denmark’s official export credit agency, EKF helps you secure financing for your export projects. EKF help Danish companies to make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase technology, products and services from Denmark by providing stable, long-term financing at very competitive rates.


“The Andersen team stood out to me for the quality of their relationships and their genuine interest in the success of our project in Bangladesh. They helped us handle all the financial matters which meant that we could focus on the development of our project.”

Erik Rasmussen - Owner - Chembo



“Andersen Consult has been very helpful and professional securing funding for our commercial export activities in Indonesia and Myanmar.”

John Brink - Partner - Comet Trawl



“We received very valuable assistance from Andersen Consult securing a substantial 3-year investment grant for our project in Bangladesh.”

Michael Vejlgaard - CEO - AS SCAN



“Andersen Consult has been a professional funding-partner identifying our capital need, developing the right structure for our business model and securing the funds.”

Carsten Jørgensen - Partner & CFO - Aller Aqua


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