The Andersen Project Approach

With more than 20 years of experience in project development in emerging markets, Andersen Consult performs our project development approach with diligence. We are using well proven methods which take outset in managing project development processes from a variety of countries and from a variety of industry segments. Our methods are administered with respect for the individual project designed to fit the situation at hand.

We focus sharply on target oriented deliverables. These includes identifying the right business approach to the market, setting the right project team, financial management support, developing the project’s business model, management support, project execution support and much more. All with keen focus on building an effective and profit oriented business unit.


Identification Phase

During the identification phase, the business idea is decided on whether export or longer term partnership is in focus. Activities extend from market visits, project definition and looking at partnership opportunities. Moreover, financial support opportunities will be presented taking outset in prioritising a short, medium or long term project approach. Finalising the Identification Phase, a decision-making situation has been reached and the next step is clear. The market is identified.

Preparation Phase

Activities during the Preparation Phase can include various studies, market visits, project and strategy development and business planning. If required, financial support institutions are approached and support secured. The project will enter into a pilot test phase with focus on required technology testing, business model trials and, if so engaged, partnership development processes.

During the preparation phase, emphasis is put on frequent partner and market visits as well as putting maximum attention to communication. The preparation phase will be re-evaluated addressing all participants’ expectations, objectives and responsibilities. Finally, the planning is aligned to experiences made.

Implementation Phase

The project, whether a partnership building activity or an export activity, is good to go. Full attention is now put on project execution. Activities during this phase include continuous focus on reaching agreed project and commercial milestones, transferring knowledge and technical assistance, continuing building up the partnership, sales and marketing and maintaining a high level of communication.

To quality assure your project, we offer a range of services. To highlight some; participation in partnership and project status meetings, financial controlling, on-going implementation support and participation in our networking activities. Our supervisory board offers access to highly experienced resource people with each their strong network on the local market and ready to provide support to our clients. All in all, our implementation phase processes provide a complete circle to ensure steadfast focus on action oriented project objectives and success.


“I have worked with Andersen Consult since 2005 and with insight in local business culture and thoroughness, we greatly benefitted in our project and joint venture development activities in Bangladesh from this cooperation. Also, when things are not exactly moving as expected, they are there to give the right push.”

Michael Cold - Owner - Cold Legeredskaber



“We do have business activities in Asia, however, we could see good benefit from working with Andersen Consult and accessing their vast network in the region. Normally we take action on our own, however, this new method proved very successful and it will not the last time we work together.”

Partner and Purchase Director



“We were in a situation where we needed an advisor to assist us in Dhaka. Andersen Consult was in town and put everything aside to manage our challenges. I was very satisfied with their flexibility and the results. Later, Andersen Consult identified opportunities for us in Indonesia and this has really been a breakthrough for our company”. They come highly recommended from me.”

Martin Longhi - Owner - Smoke Solution



“I have worked with Andersen Consult for many years and we have together build both a strong business relation and a friendship. I can always get in touch with Andersen Consult wherever and whenever, this is important to me.”

An Phuoc Tram - Owner - Aabybro Guld & Sølv



“Bangladesh has been an eye opener for us in JS. We have always delivered our products to Denmark. But Andersen Consult has put our attention to export and emerging markets and showed us the way and we are very excited about our project.”

Søren Duval - CEO & Partner - JS-Ventilation


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