The Andersen Export & Sourcing Approach

A major part of international business is exporting and importing. Export is the direct entry strategy to participate in global trade and development of new markets requiring fever financial resources to exercise than most other strategies. Global sourcing is a procurement strategy and a way to identify the most cost efficient location for obtaining quality goods and raw materials.

Andersen Consult specialises in Export Import Management and we have developed a pragmatic approach that facilitates the process from idea to contract. We put our global network of more than 2,000 emerging market companies to the attention of your products, services and requirements ready to engage in business.


Identify the Market

Together with your company, Andersen Consult conducts an export-import market research process in order to identify your target market. The market research provides an overview of the market place and pinpoints actions to be taken to reach commercial objectives.

To ensure success, we jointly decide on products and services, set the objectives, outline a market strategy, secure funding and present a budget and action plan for your approval. The plan includes visits to potential agents, distributors or other business partners. We take outset in our vast pool of screened local business partners – for more information on this, please check our B2B platform.

Visit the Market

Go to market before your product does. Having identified product, market and clients, the best investment is to undertake a well planned visit to get to know the local conditions and meet the people. Andersen Consult always uses in-country assistance for this process. We handle everything in the country from communication with appropriate trade corporations, to individual enterprises and all logistics. This will help you meet the right business partners who have been pre-screened by us and briefed to determine interest and suitability.

We often participate on the first round of visits. Our participation aims to reduce risks in relation to agreements, cultural differences, financial matters, partner assessment and other challenges connected to identifying the right partner. The objective is to provide an effective approach from idea to contract.

Sign the Contract

Upon return, Andersen Consult assists you with the appropriate follow up steps by continuing communication with the business partners to demonstrate reliability.

Securing a contract depends on entry strategy and the ability to build trust. Andersen Consult supports you in the communication and negotiation processes. We involve our entire network of local and foreign business people to promote your objectives and to provide assurance to the market and, finally, to secure the client’s acceptance and cooperation. As with any business, success is based on closing contracts and providing a reliable and succesful delivery.


“Working in Asia has been a tremendously positive experience. The economy in the region is developing very nicely and the populations are interested in new and refined European food products. I am definitely focusing our company’s market attention to this area much more in future. We have worked with Andersen Consult all along and can warmly recommend other companies to seek cooperation with them. What they say is what they deliver.”

Jesper Kold Sørensen - Partner & CEO - Amanda Seafood



“Knowing how big a problem flooding is becoming in Asia, we decided to work with Andersen Consult to identify the right markets for a start entry. We have now engaged fully with Andersen Consult to direct the distribution of our flood barrier products on a number of Asian markets and things are looking quite exciting. With a wide network in Asia, Andersen Consult can bring us quicker solutions than we could ourselves. ”

Michael Cold - Partner - Cold Flood Prevention



“Asia a must for food business today and we want to get the best continuation of our on-going activities in the region. This is why we chose to work with Andersen Consult.”

Manager Business Asia



“We needed assistance to identify an, for us, important new and exciting product, but could not do it on our own. We contacted Business Incubator Centre Mid Jutland for help and they immediately directed us to Andersen Consult. We have enjoyed an expedient and successful cooperation with this consultancy firm.”

Partner & Product Manager


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